I fell in love with yoga while I was pregnant with my third child. My doctor told me I recovered much faster because I had been doing yoga during my pregnancy. I began to see the benefits of doing Yoga with my children as well. I noticed they enjoyed the poses, games and songs, but also noticed an increase in their attention span during mindfulness activities. I have experienced firsthand the stress relief after completing a yoga class and want to share these benefits with children and adults alike.
— Leslie Wolfe, owner of Playful Hearts Yoga


YOGA HELPS you to…

  • Connect with yourself and others

  • Increase your ability to focus by connecting breath and movement

  • Manage your emotions and develop self control

  • Relieve stress

  • Relax

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Studies have shown that yoga helps children who are stressed and angry learn to de-stress themselves. The practice of yoga, if done consistently, may enable children to connect with their inner world through the coordination of mind, body and breath to achieve greater heights of mindfulness.
— Journal of Integrative Medicine