Playful Hearts Yoga offers yoga and mindfulness classes for Preschool through High School age students. In today’s world of 24-hour connectivity children are more stressed than ever before. Through our classes, children will learn to take time to slow down and be more present and mindful. Our classes will help improve concentration, boost confidence, increase flexibility and balance and promote health and wellness. We will send you a certified teacher for mat or desk based classes.




We offer fall, winter, and spring sessions for schools. Pricing is based on hours booked per nine-week cycle. Minimum booking is for a 2-hour consecutive block scheduled once per week for nine weeks. Each cycle includes option for 1 make-up date.

A 2-hour consecutive block includes 6- 15 minute desk based classes with a 5 minute transition time, 4- 25 minute classes with a 5 minute transition time, or 2- 55 minute classes. The amount of classes increases depending on the amount of consecutive time booked.

Due to class sizes, classroom teachers should be present and are encouraged to participate!

  • 2-hour block: $2,430.00

  • 2.5-hour block:$2,820.00

  • 3-hour block: $3,375.00

  • 3.5-hour block: $3,940.00

  • 4-hour block: $4,500.00

  • 4.5-hour block:$5,063.00

  • 5-hour block: $5,625.00

  • 5.5-hour block:$6,188.00

  • 6-hour block: $6,750.00

All blocks are consecutive.


Yoga and Mindfulness

Tools for Teachers

75 minute workshop: $650.00

½ or Full day training: $1,850/$2,485


Staff Yoga Classes

$140.00 per 1 hour class

8 class minimum


Preschool Yoga

Preschool classes are fun and engaging with songs, lots of movement, and a rest time.

4-week sessions available during or after school.

$55/4-week session

6 child minimum, 13 child maximum without an assistant